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Fred at Living Zoo

Welcome to Fred`s page, created to give you a more personal spin on the Oberfelder Team. And, at the bottom, you will learn a little more about Fred and Suzee`s entrepreneurial alignment, which started in 1990, when the west coast based distribution organization Fred was Founder/ CEO for, sold products to the international retail enterprise Suzee was Founder/CFO for.

Meet the Oberfelders (left), celebrating Fred`s birthday, at The Living Desert and Zoo, where Fred volunteers. Fred also enjoys dog walking, golfing, hiking, water/snow sports, and brings home date night monies playing poker. Most days his routine around their client schedule includes going to the Trilogy, Polo Club, for workouts at the gym, and a swim.  During the fall/winter, Fred plays tennis with his wife Suzee. They love regular road trips to the coast. Social time throughout their life is enjoyed at select affilliations and membership clubs.


Living ZooAn animal advocate, Fred takes time most Sundays to walk the zoo after his shift, capture a photo, and find a fun fact, to share with others. He especially enjoys engaging children, telling fun stories about zoo animals.

Fred likes to stay busy, and he is a stickler for routine. His realtor role, as Suzee puts it, is "CEO on call, supporter, protector, photographer, double-checker, consultant, researcher, financial manager, life anchor, and is typically the first point of contact for their clients and support team, initiating the warm-up, and making the initial assessment."  He also takes on the grocery shopping and cooking, seasoned with fresh snippets from his herb garden.

Fred with Dogs and Grandkids

When not on the clock helping their clients live their best life, Fred is dog dad and the family patriarch. He has bragging rights to a growing family - currently two sons, two granddaughters, two grandsons and one great-grandson, one daughter-in-law, two-sons-in-law (pictured above).  "Fred has a family unit he is extremely proud of. They are all accomplished individuals in their own right, living their own best life", says Suzee. Fred`s motto is "always feel good about yourself, doing what makes you happy. The rest will come."

Fred and Suzee have raised three golden retrievers, and two rescue dogs.  While living in Truckee-Tahoe, Fred became a certified dog walker for the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe, and was also a regular volunteer, known for fundraising by making regular appearances with their rescue dog Hero, telling Hero`s heroic story of survival, being saved by the humane society (and Fred).  One of the many things Fred and Suzee, and Fred`s family, have in common, is an appreciation for horses and equestrian lifestyles.  Like Suzee, his first son, granddaughters and now great-grandson, started their love affair with horses by the time they were walking. Below are the two granddaughters he adores. They are accomplished equestrians, and third generation owner/operators for the ranch they are directors for, in Marin County.

Jenna and Leah horsebackriding

Fred Joins Suzee`s EnterpriseFred met Suzee in 1990 during the grand opening event for her first retail store, a 3,000 square foot, two story showroom, located in the heart of San Francisco, at Union Square. He was the President/Sales Director of the west coast-based distribution company he founded, selling high-end, upscale exclusive products and handcrafted, custom-made fine furnishings and home decor, to Suzee’s growing enterprise, expanding through leasehold development and contract negotiations. In 1997, Fred became an investor in her fifth location, located in the prestigious shopping district on Santa Cruz Ave, in Los Gatos.

Married in 1999, they expanded their enterprise to Truckee/Lake Tahoe, adding two more locations, and became real estate consultants, adding staging to the mix, displaying inventory owned by their retail enterprise. The retail consulting brand they added to their S-Corp evolved into real estate consulting. Other positions held by Fred include National Sales Manager, International Manufacturing Consultant based in Hong Kong, and Territory Account Manager, in the juvenile products industry. 

Fred earned his broker`s license in 2009 (Suzee became a Realtor in 2007), and together they represented luxury resort buyers and sellers in Truckee/Lake Tahoe.


Fred and Suzee join forces in 1997 as business partners

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