The Faces of Working Retirees

Retired Man Still WorkingThere is a growing trend of retirees that are planning their retirement around working. Our featured image is Suzee`s father, a WWll B24 Bomber Pilot, successful entrepreneur, real estate investor/sales consultant, automobile executive and master historian, amongst other things.  He continued to serve his country and find the joy in his work into his 90`s.  He especially loved writing and speaking, and was interviewed weekly by regional publications. He said his work gave him purpose and a reason to get up and keep moving. 

Our team is devoted to helping retirees tap into the resources available through retirement moves, relocations, financial needs, wellness programs, community outreach and our speciality "enjoying sunny lifestyles"!


Whether it is for necessary cash flow or simply the desire to stay connected to public service and keeping muscle and memory triggers activated, having an age-friendly job can make all the difference for a happier, healthier retirement.

Below are links for more information:

 Certified Age Friendly Employer Program - Age-Friendly Institute

 Age-Friendly Institute (agefriendly.org)

What are working seniors working at?  Jewelry design, payroll management, consulting, accounting, speaking, writing, dog sitting, hair and apparel styling, real estate, custom skin care products, remodel design and build, project management - to name a few. 

Faces of working seniors

In some cases, having a part-time job, in addition to Social Security or not, may be the final piece to balancing your budget for home ownership and healthy living during retirement. 

Faces of working retireesAnd yes, we are a part of the growing number of retirees that are passionate about working at what they love doing, sharing a legacy of experience, which in our case is helping others live their best life ever through property ownership!

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